Home Stay at Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is an immersive cultural experience that offers a unique window into the lives of the Maasai people, the indigenous inhabitants of the area. It’s a chance to step beyond the role of a tourist and become a welcomed guest in the homes of local families. Here’s what you can anticipate during your Home Stay experience

Cultural Immersion

Home Stay is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Maasai people. You’ll engage in daily activities, share meals, and partake in traditional customs, gaining insights into their way of life.

Authentic Connections

As you live with a Maasai family, you’ll forge genuine connections. These interactions offer a deep understanding of their traditions, values, and the challenges they face.

Warm Hospitality

The Maasai are known for their hospitality. Your hosts will warmly welcome you into their homes, sharing stories, laughter, and experiences that bridge the gap between cultures.

Traditional Cuisine: Home Stay introduces you to the flavors of Maasai cuisine. You’ll have the chance to enjoy traditional dishes prepared by your hosts, providing a sensory journey into their culinary world.

Daily Activities

Engage in daily activities alongside your hosts. Whether it’s herding livestock, crafting traditional items, or participating in rituals, you’ll gain a hands-on appreciation for their way of life.

Shared Learning

Your hosts are eager to share their knowledge with you. You might learn about medicinal plants, the art of beadwork, or the significance of traditional ceremonies.

Language and Communication

Through direct communication, you’ll have the opportunity to learn Maasai phrases and share in conversations. This exchange fosters a deeper connection between you and your hosts.

Supporting Communities

Participating in Home Stay directly benefits the local community. The revenue generated from this experience contributes to community development projects, education, and healthcare initiatives.

Our Fees

Fees are quoted person per day

Citizens – Age Group (Tsh) Non-citizens Age Groups (USD)
18 yrs + 5 – 17 yrs Below 5 yrs 18 yrs + 5 – 17 yrs Below 5 yrs
Entry Fee 2,000 1,000 0 10 5 0
Camping Fee (Established Campsite) 3,000 2,000 0 20 10 0
Camping Fee (Special/Fly Camping) 5,000 2,000 0 30 15 0
Activity Fees – Cyclings 5,000 NA NA 10 NA NA
Activity Fees – Horse ride/camel riding 10,000 NA NA 30 NA NA
Activity Fees – Night Game Drive 10,000 4,000 NA 20 10 0
Activity Fees – Bednight 5,000 5,000 5,000 15 15 15
Tare weight category Local Registration (TZ shillings) Foreign registration (US dollars)
Tare weight 2,000kg 10,000 10
Tare weight 2,001-3,000kg 15,000 20
Tare weight 3,001-7000kg 20,000 30
Tare weight 7,001-10,000kg 25,000 40
For a group of up to 3 people the cost is Tsh. 30,000 and for groups of 4 to 6 people the costs is Tsh. 50,000
For rangers to provide security for a group of up to 6 people 1 Ranger payable Tsh. 20,000
For rangers to provide security for a group of up to 12 people, 2 Rangers payable Tsh. 20,000 each