Walking Safaris at Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA) offer an intimate and immersive way to experience the wilderness. This activity takes you off the beaten path and allows you to explore the intricate details of the ecosystem on foot. Here’s what you can look forward to during your Walking Safari experience

Close to Nature

Walking safaris bring you closer to the sights, sounds, and scents of the environment. Without the barrier of a vehicle, you become an integral part of the landscape.

Sensory Exploration

Walking allows you to engage all your senses. Feel the texture of the earth beneath your feet, listen to the symphony of bird calls, and inhale the fragrant aromas of the wilderness.

Expert Guiding

Knowledgeable guides accompany you on your safari. Their expertise in tracking, ecology, and wildlife behavior ensures a safe and informative journey.

Wildlife Insights

Walking safaris offer the opportunity to observe wildlife behavior up close. Learn about animal tracks, signs, and interactions that might not be as evident from a distance.

Photographic Opportunities

The slow pace of a Walking Safari provides ample opportunities for photography. Capture the intricate patterns of nature, the expressions of animals, and the subtle details that come to life on foot.

Unhurried Exploration

Without the noise of engines, you can move through the landscape at a leisurely pace. This allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of the environment and the often-overlooked wonders.

Intimate Encounters

The quiet and non-intrusive nature of walking often leads to more intimate wildlife encounters. Animals might be less alarmed by human presence, allowing for a deeper connection with the natural world.

Our Fees

Fees are quoted person per day

Citizens – Age Group (Tsh) Non-citizens Age Groups (USD)
18 yrs + 5 – 17 yrs Below 5 yrs 18 yrs + 5 – 17 yrs Below 5 yrs
Entry Fee 2,000 1,000 0 10 5 0
Camping Fee (Established Campsite) 3,000 2,000 0 20 10 0
Camping Fee (Special/Fly Camping) 5,000 2,000 0 30 15 0
Activity Fees – Cyclings 5,000 NA NA 10 NA NA
Activity Fees – Horse ride/camel riding 10,000 NA NA 30 NA NA
Activity Fees – Night Game Drive 10,000 4,000 NA 20 10 0
Activity Fees – Bednight 5,000 5,000 5,000 15 15 15
Tare weight category Local Registration (TZ shillings) Foreign registration (US dollars)
Tare weight 2,000kg 10,000 10
Tare weight 2,001-3,000kg 15,000 20
Tare weight 3,001-7000kg 20,000 30
Tare weight 7,001-10,000kg 25,000 40
For a group of up to 3 people the cost is Tsh. 30,000 and for groups of 4 to 6 people the costs is Tsh. 50,000
For rangers to provide security for a group of up to 6 people 1 Ranger payable Tsh. 20,000
For rangers to provide security for a group of up to 12 people, 2 Rangers payable Tsh. 20,000 each